Damnview: Built from Nothing is a simulation sandbox game about the occidental culture and its different social classes. Damnview is told through the exploration of a decadent city and working on precarious jobs that will absorb you in or spit you out of the system.


Survival is not always for the strongest and sometimes being smarter, meaner or just having no qualms could make the difference in Damnview.

Damnview is a game about despair, the hostility of capitalism and the need of seeking for a better future. The city is an enormous monster to defeat only with your life and hard work or maybe with your fists and dirty money. How far would you go to survive in a place like this? That’s the ongoing feeling while you drive the streets of Damnview.

Your scar into the city streets depends on you and your decisions, the people you meet, the people you help or the people you choose to hurt. It’s all about survival in the concrete jungle.


Discover the city through its people. Each character has its own story and purposes in life.


Explore an enormous city with different districts and inhabitants.


Drive a cab, work on a video store or a laundry, smuggle all sorts of goods or sell drugs in the alleyways. Do whatever you need to survive.


Manage your incomes, build your home from nothing and try to maintain your living.