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We're back from PAX West and after a few hours of sleep (still with jetlag in our heads) we're working again on our projects!
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Damnview: Built From Nothing – Hands-off Media Show

Busy days for our Brainwash Gang family!

Well. We showed Damnview: Built From Nothing to the Spanish media. They got the chance to see our PAX West build while talking to Brainwash Gang creative director and producer Edu Verz. We’re glad to show the game in our hometown and see how the media reacts to it!

Part of their creative team was there too. Mohammed (@AtskaHeart ), Bea (@beibeicoli ) and Gurpegui (@gur_pegui) talking to the press about the art, music and script in Damnview. So, what are they sayin’ about the first minutes of Damnview: Built From Nothing? Let’s see!

«Damnview es un título muy interesante que cuenta con un diseño artístico excepcional y un estilo que nos seduce.» IGN España.

«El segundo “largo” de Brainwash Gang es como ver el interior de Edu Verz y a estas alturas sé que eso sólo puede ser bueno.»Nivel Oculto.

«Este bofetón de realidad promete hacernos querer investigar lo que puede suceder al tiempo que nos revolvemos intranquilos en la silla como si nos picase la conciencia de clase.» Vandal.

There’ll be more text out there waiting for you to read them so don’t forget to stay tuned into the media! And, if you want to know more about the game from its creators you can join them in Discord.

If you’re more of a Twitter person you can follow us at @Brainwash_Gang and @SindiecateArts to see how the game evolves.

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