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We're back from PAX West and after a few hours of sleep (still with jetlag in our heads) we're working again on our projects!
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We’re back from PAX West and after getting some NEEDED sleep things are back on track!

So, yeah, what happened in PAX West?

Well. We showed Damnview: Built From Nothing to press and media. It was the first time Brainwash Gang was sharing details on the game and we couldn’t be happier about it. The Hyatt Hotel was our HQ during two exhausting days of talking with the press!

Brainwash Gang’s creative director and producer, Edu Verz, shared insights about the game and its development process and here’s what they are sayin’:

«Dirty as hell»- IGN.

«Literally the options are endless! Amazing.» – Geekscape.

«The hand-drawn environments are gorgeous and show a complexity that a lot of recent sprite-based games lack.» – Gamerevolution.

There are more previews out there, don’t forget to check what outlets like Destructoid or Famitsu (sorry it’s in Japanese!) are saying about Damnview!

Also, as you may recall Brainwash Gang have a Discord!
If you want to know more about the development; join them!

Finally, be sure to follow @Brainwash_Gang and @SindiecateArts on Twitter to get the freshest updates!

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